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Add A Link to Your WordPress Menu

Add a Link to Your WordPress Menu

Detailed Instructions For How to Add A Link to Your WordPress Menu. Step by Step Instructions for adding links into your WP Menu.

You know, I had such a hard time with this procedure back in the day. It seemed like I could never get it right. Then one day I figured it out and I felt like such a doofus. This is so easy and so effective. I will show you how to do it over the next few steps.

Creating a WordPress Website Menu

Let’s first go over making a menu in WordPress. This is not always blatantly obvious for many so bear with me while I discuss it:

  1. Login to the backend of your website
  2. Under the Appearances heading in the left navigation panel click the Menus option
  3. You may not have any menus created if your website is new
  4. Click the Create A New Menu optionHow to create a WP menu
  5. Give your menu a title… I like to title it based on what it does NavMenu, FooterMenu, etc…
  6. Click the Create Menu button
  7. Now we need to add some links to our menu. Look to the left and you will see pages with check boxes next to them
  8. Check the pages you want to be added to your menu
  9. Click the Add to Menu button (1)
  10. The pages are now listed in your menu
  11. At the bottom in Menu Settings check the box that indicates where you want your menu to display…I will check Primary Header Menu (2). I want my menu to the main navigation menu for the website
  12. Click the Save Menu button (3)
  13. Review your website now and see how the menu looks
  14. Here is how mine looks and I realize that I would like my Contact Us link to be listed on the far right of my menu…So, I need to go back and edit my menu
  15. When editing the menu all you do to move links is click and drag where you want them to be

Creating Sub Menus in WordPress

A submenu is a link that is listed beneath a main link on the toolbar. When someone hovers over the main link a submenu toolbar will display. Simply drag your links to arrange this. When dragging you will notice a dashed border around the links. If you offset your link just a little bit the dashed menu will be display offset from the primary link. Let go of your mouse and the sublink will be created. In my example below, I have moved the Contact Us to the far right and moved Resources to a sub-link beneath the page, “Rent A Website For Your Business”.

Add a link to Your WordPress Menu

You may decide that instead of adding a page to your menu maybe you would like to add a link to another website. Here’s how:

  1. We will add a link to Yahoo on our toolbar
  2. Look at the very top of your website backend and you will see a button on the top right that says, “Screen Options”
  3. Click the Screen Options button
  4. Check the following options:
    • Pages
    • Posts
    • Custom Links
    • Categories
  5. Click the Screen Options button again to hide the menu
  6. Under Appearance in the left navigation panel click the Menus option
  7. Click the Custom Links section of the menu
  8. Add your URL to the URL field
  9. Add Link Text—Name to be displayed
  10. Click the Add to Menu option
  11. Arrange the link where you want it and click the Save Menu button
  12. View your website to ensure the link is visible and then click it to make sure it works

Here is my example:

Oops, I forgot something. Did you notice that when you clicked your link that you were taken away from your website and taken to the destination. That is no good, in my opinion. I want to fix that.

How to Open a WordPress Menu link in a New Tab

  1. Click the Screen Options button again
  2. Check the box that says, “Link Target”
  3. In your menu, click the arrow head (1) next to the Custom Link title
  4. Check the box that says, “Open link in a new tab” (2)
  5. Save your menu
  6. Check your site and your menu again to ensure it is working properly.

I hope this information is helpful.

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