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Add Blog Posts to your WordPress homepage

How to add blog posts on your WordPress home page A feature of WordPress that drives me crazy is that you can have a static home page or you can have a page that features your blog posts. I have always wanted both…I want a home page with the information I want displayed and my

Say “NO” to Website Sliders

Say “NO” to Website Sliders They look nice, seemingly add appeal, and most believe that their website isn’t complete without a website sliders. But, should they really be added to your website. They take up space, slow your site down, and may not actually convey the message that your business is wanting to convey. I

Website Maintenance, Updates, SEO Services

Fidelity Square Marketing specializes in Website Maintenance, Updates, SEO Services. —  Do you have a website that has become stale or needs a facelift? —  Did you create a website yourself and can’t figure out why it doesn’t show up when you search for it? —  Are you frustrated by spending hours of your time