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How to insert a popup window that displays an email capture form

Build A Button To Open A Pop-Up Email Subscriber Form Building your email list is a vital aspect of having a website and running a business, either offline or online. Many websites feature a form somewhere on their homepage, some have an email capture form appear (as a pop-up) while you are browsing their site.

65 Blog Traffic Tips

Okay, let me preface this by saying I posted this a few years back and I haven’t really updated it since. Looking through it however it seems to have some valid and solid processes that you can use to grow your blog. Some of the links may no longer exist. I am going to go

Add Links to WordPress Pages and Posts

Add links to Images on WordPress Pages and Posts   So let’s assume you just created a new blog post and you have added an image. This may be a post where you are wanting the user to click the image in order to view a product on another website that you want them to

Add A Link to Your WordPress Menu

Add a Link to Your WordPress Menu You know, I had such a hard time with this procedure back in the day. It seemed like I could never get it right. Then one day I figured it out and I felt like such a doofus. This is so easy and so effective. I will show

Add Blog Posts to your WordPress homepage

How to add blog posts on your WordPress home page A feature of WordPress that drives me crazy is that you can have a static home page or you can have a page that features your blog posts. I have always wanted both…I want a home page with the information I want displayed and my

How to add tables & columns to your WordPress Pages & Posts

Add tables & columns to your WordPress Pages & Posts using WP Easy Columns I must make a confession here…I am not a very technical person and I sure don’t know how to program in any language. One thing has challenged me for years when it comes to website design. I could never get things

Get your blog to rank higher

Grab this FREE, Exclusive Report Available For Download Right This Moment! Are you struggling with the fact that you really don’t know anything about how to use wordpress?Optimization is the name of the game when it comes to drawing as much traffic to any site because of the revenue potential this can bring. What if