Featuring Blog Posts on Your Word Press Home Page

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February 6, 2018
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February 13, 2018

Featuring Blog Posts on Your Word Press Home Page

Featuring Blog Posts on Your Word Press Home Page

A feature of WordPress that drives me crazy is that you can have a static home page or you can have a page that features your blog posts. I have always wanted both…I want a home page with the information I want displayed and my blog posts in a grid layout.

I have tried a number of methods using short codes and other html commands, but this usually proved to be frustrating and didn’t work at all. It never looked or functioned like I wanted—it was too much work and overhead rather than an automated solution. Again, I am the “Easy Button” type and this wasn’t working for me. No “easy button method” was available it seemed.

The Blog Post Display Easy Button

After some exhaustive searches online I finally found a WordPress plugin that I felt like would fit the bill for allowing me to display my blog’s posts on the home page in the grid display that I desired. I found the plugin that is called, “Content Views – Post Grid & List for WordPress”.




This plugin has proven itself to be very easy and useful. I really like and use it frequently. Here is an example of it being used on my website.


How to use the Content Views – Post Grid & List for WordPress

  1. Download the plugin (https://wordpress.org/plugins/content-views-query-and-display-post-page/)
  2. It will save the plugin as a zipped file to your computer.
  • Then open your WordPress website and click the Plugins option in the left navigation panel.
  1. Choose Upload Plugin and then choose to upload the file.
  2. Upload the zipped file (keep it zipped).
  3. Once uploaded you must then activate it.
  4. A Content Views icon is added to your WordPress left navigation panel
  5. Click the Content Views icon
  6. Choose to Add New content view
  7. Choose the Content Type…I usually choose Post because I want my blog posts to be displayed
  8. From the Advanced Filters section, check the Taxonomy option
  9. Select a Taxonomy to be used (Category or tag)…I always use Category
  10. Select the Term(s) in the Category field…I always add a category to my posts called “home” or “blog” etc… I then choose that term for my Content View

I don’t add that category to every post. I just add that Category to the posts that I want displayed on the home page.

  1. Click the Save button
  • Now click the Display Settings tab
  1. I choose Grid and then indicate the items per row (usually 3)
  2. Once finished, click the Save button
  3. Give your Content View a Title and click Save again



You are now ready to place your Content View Grid on your home page (or whatever page you want).

  • Copy the name of your content view (it must be in brackets) and is found at the top of the page
  1. Open your home page or whatever page you want to place this view
  • Paste the copied content view name on your page
  1. Save the page and view it
  • Your view will look similar to my page


Hope this works for you like it does me. I really like how easy it is and how it gives me the control to place the content views wherever I want them to be displayed on my website.

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