Fidelity Square Local Search Optimization SEO Services

Fidelity Square develops and markets websites optimized for local searches.

If you have spent money and time to build a website to represent your business you should also want that website to become your only employee that works 24 hours a day for 365 days a year. People should be able to find your site when doing internet browser searches and also be able to easily find important information, while on your website.

Increate your local search resultsLocal search optimization ensures that:

1. Your site is displayed on the first page of all major search engines (Google, Yahoo, and Bing)
2. Keywords used in the content on your website is focused on what people in your community are searching for
3. Your website and content is easily sharable with others in the community through internet searches and social media
4. Finally, your website content is displayed properly on whatever mobile device a potential customer is using

37 percent of general mobile consumers use their devices for local search, while 75 percent of smartphone owners conduct local searches (Google has reported even larger numbers)

In a recent study it was revealed that the top local search categories were the following: (Greg Sterling,

* Restaurants
* Gas stations
* Shopping
* Auto repair/dealers/rentals
* Fast food
* Cafes/coffee shops
* Travel & lodging
* Health & medical
* Bars & clubs
* Finance & legal

If you are the owner of one of these types of businesses, please realize that you may be losing customers unless 1) You have a website and 2) That it is optimized for local searches.

To check your site and local search optimization status do this:

1.  Log out of Google, Yahoo, or Bing (being logged in can skew your results)
2.  Do a local search for a variety of keywords that your customers may use, including the name of your city  (Best Chinese Food Mobile Alabama)-You should be on the first page of the search engine
3.  Use browser analytics to monitor your traffic to your site and its associated pages
4.  Does your business have a social business presence, with like and/or followers

Ok, so what do you think you will find? If your site and/or business information isn’t anywhere close to the first page of the search engine, then you should contact us.

Whether you need to update your website or to work on your local search optimization, bottom line is that if you didn’t find favorable local search results then it is not going to magically correct itself.

Take Steps to Increase Your Local Search Results

At Fidelity Square, we will ensure that steps are taken to ensure that your local search results improve greatly. We will monitor your statistics and provide a monthly report. We will improve your social media presence and establish an email capture for customers to sign up and be sent regular information-building you a customer list for marketing.

There are a number of things we can do to improve your local search results, but we can’t do anything until you contact us.

Contact us today. We have a number of package options to ensure that are services are affordable by all.