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Stay in touch with your congregation through text messaging.

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Instant Text Messaging Communications to Your Entire Group/Congregation

Fidelity Square Marketing-Church Text Messaging

As a Youth Pastor, TextMarks has provided me with an amazing tool to connect with my students. Because teenagers live through text messaging today, sending out quick and important information has never been easier!” – Jared Kruse, Denver, CO

Get the Word out to your group

Affordable Church Messaging Plans

  • Set up separate groups for the whole congregation, just church leadership, youth group, etc.
  • Send daily or weekly prayers
  • Notify people of what’s happening in your church
  • Instantly communicate last minute changes and emergency notifications.



Engage your Youth Group with text messaging

Engage your congregation

  • Speak the language of today’s youth: Texting!
  • Involve parents – send updates during youth outings and events.
  • Instantly update your whole group with event changes and cancellations.
  • Easy to manage and easy to get started.

Enjoy Unlimited SMS Text Messaging

  • All plans include unlimited text messaging
  • Very affordable monthly plans to choose from
  • 250 Subscribers
  • 3 Groups

Service available on the following wireless networks:
AT&T, Verizon Wireless, Sprint, T-Mobile, Virgin, Cricket, Alltel.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Standard text messaging charges apply

Please check with your wireless carrier regarding the cost of sending and receiving text messages from your phone.

Do keywords expire?

Groups/keywords will expire after 30 days of inactivity.

You can also protect your keyword from expiring by simply using it. There are lots of ways to use your keyword, but here are a few:

  • From your own phone, text your keyword to 41411.
  • Send an alert to your subscribers, if you have any
  • Get someone to send a text to your keyword
  • Get someone to sign up through a web widget

Any of these actions will reactivate your keyword and reset the 30 day expiration time window.

Once groups/keywords in your lite account have reached a period of 30 days of inactivity, they will expire and your list of subscribers will be lost.

What’s a valid Keyword?

What’s a valid keyword?

Keywords may be composed of letters and numbers only. They are case insensitive (i.e. no differentiation between uppercase and lowercase) but are typically written in CAPITAL letters.

The maximum keyword size is 15 characters, and the minimum size is 3 characters.

Users may text in your keyword to 41411 to subscribe to your keyword, trigger a script on your server (via HTTP callback), retrieve a response, or various other actions.


  • “KEYWORD 123”
  • “KEYWORD#123”
  • “KEYWORD*123”
  • “KEYWORD-123”
  • “KEYWORD_123”
  • “KEYWORD, 123”

Mobile Marking Association (MMA) Guidelines Compliance

The use of a keyword must comply with all MMA Guidelines.

The  system is designed to enforce compliance with the MMA guidelines when interacting with a handset. However, you must take responsibility for compliance if you choose to advertise your keyword publicly.

Our experience has shown that most of the problems occur when your keyword is promoted on the Internet. The best and easiest way to ensure compliance is to simply use our widget. However, we understand that a widget is not always the best or most appropriate way to promote your keyword.

Here is a guide to the most common issues we’ve seen:

  • Opt out info. You must provide information about how users can opt-out of your program, and it must be in bold text. Our recommendation is to use the text “To Opt-out text STOP to 41411″
  • The text “Message and Data Rates May Apply” must be included in reference to the program. This is important, as some people have to pay for each message they receive.

The phone carriers do audit placements in all advertising channels, and we are occasionally notified of violations. These violations need to be remedied with very short notice, and noncompliance with these guidelines may cause us to delete your keyword.

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