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Website Maintenance, Updates, SEO Services

Fidelity Square Marketing specializes in Website Maintenance, Updates, SEO Services.

—  Do you have a website that has become stale or needs a facelift?
—  Did you create a website yourself and can’t figure out why it doesn’t show up when you search for it?
—  Are you frustrated by spending hours of your time to keep your website and social media presence for your business updated?

Most importantly…

—   Are you spending large amounts of money on traditional advertising and not see a good return on your investment.

We perform website maintenance, updates, SEO services for small businesses, lawyers, doctors, and other professionals


Let us help you. We will take your old, tired website and freshen it up. This includes updating images, text, and special features to make it look like a new site. We will evaluate your site to determine the quality of the search engine optimization. Times have changed and what used to work for your website rankings may very well have changed and your search engine rank has suffered.

Many people have taken on the task of creating a website themselves. I admire you for doing this and I understand why, but unless you have studied up on search engine optimization and web design, you may become frustrated with your efforts. You can create a beautiful and cheap website, but chances are your customers will never find it.

I don’t want to insult your abilities, but it isn’t easy to build a website that is search engine optimized. If it were easy then every website would be on the first page of Google–that’s not possible. You must know what you are doing to be successful.

Our Website Maintenance, Updates, and SEO Services Include:

— Domain and hosting maintenance
— Theme maintenance
— Content Management
— Establish and/or update blog
— Integrate social media

— Video Marketing
— Email Capture
— Polling

—  Update and optimize images
— SEO review/implementation
— Internet Marketing/Submission
— Email Management
— Complete client customization
— Establish user interaction opportunities

Refresh your website, refresh your business. Put a professional spin on your marketing efforts. Quit wasting your money on traditional marketing that is no longer working.

Basic Website Maintenance, Updates, SEO Services–$100/month (billed monthly)

Website Development (if no website)–$150-$489 (depends on complexity). This is a one time fee.

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