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Rodney (owner of Fidelity Square Marketing) has been building affordable websites for several years and possesses a wealth of information. He specializes in helping local businesses to dominate their market, increase their web presence, increase their customer base, while at an affordable price. Rodney will listen to your needs and develop a strategic plan for an affordable website that ensures your customers can find and interact with your business online. Your return on investment and the challenge of dominating the local market is what drives Rodney. He will quickly become your silent partner, when it comes to your marketing efforts.

Affordable Website and Marketing Plans

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Rodney Moody Fidelity Square | Website Design and Marketing

At Fidelity Square Marketing, we are dedicated to creating affordable websites and providing loyal service to our customers by maintaining honest and open lines of communication and by providing the most comprehensive delivery. Fidelity Square Marketing was founded to help small business take advantage of the opportunities in various offline/online marketing ventures and advertising initiatives.

Our goal is to help every business with an affordable website and take great leaps forward with their marketing plans and to quickly see a return on their investment through the growth of their customer base and revenue. It is our goal to provide “the most affordable website and best offline and online marketing packages available in the Mobile Alabama area.” We are committed  to your success and are dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction with our services.

Contact us today and we will set up an appointment with you to establishment a blueprint for maximizing your marketing effort and business’ success.

Rodney is a father of six, a deacon within his church, active in coaching and supporting youth sports and Special Olympics.

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