Video Marketing to Drive Traffic to Your Business

Get More Customers OvernightWe are able to place your video ad (which we will create on your behalf) on YouTube to be played as an introduction video for multiple high-visibility/high view-count videos to reap the benefit of the traffic interested in and coming to view what we call the “Attraction Videos“. An “Attraction Video” is any YouTube video that has the power of attracting millions of viewers.

Furthermore, we guarantee that we can drive pinpointed traffic from the Mobile Alabama area to the “Attraction Video” and your video ad so that you will have the benefit of the high visibility gained thru interest in the “Attraction Video.”

For Example… Taylor Swift’s music video “Blank Space” (a high attraction video) has over one Billion views. That’s a lot of eyes staring at the screen. Taylor Swift can attract a lot of viewer traffic. Imagine your business information, in video format, playing as an introduction to Taylor’s music video. We will direct thousands of local prospects from the Mobile Alabama area that will view your video ad. Can you imagine the number of new business customers you could gather from such massive exposure?

A lot of people will be seeing your video ad because a lot of people want to see Taylor Swift. Now, we use Taylor Swift only as an example. You can choose from any “Attraction Video” on YouTube video you desire: celebrities, breaking news, sports, political events, movie trailers, human interest stories … to run your video ad in front of. The result will stun you.

Think for just a moment about what I’ve just described to
you and about the impact it could have on your business.

We recently ran a campaign for a “weight loss product”. A total of 45,203 people watched the ad
 and 152 of them clicked thru to the sales page and bought the product + upsells. This campaign ran only 3 1/2 days

This is VERY affordable. We do all the work for you. All that you need to do is contact us today. This offer will not be available for much longer. CALL TODAY and get customers streaming into your business or buying your products.

Contact us today to discuss how we can show your business to tens of thousands of viewers overnight: (804) 379-8329 (Mention Code RM01015 to receive an amazing discount).